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Healthier life and home.

A Group of People is Leading A Movement for a Healthy Lifestyle to Improve Their Quality of Life.

Imagine every activity you do every day: walking, climbing stairs, and lifting weights. Your bones, muscles, and joints work together to make your body a moving machine. Like any machine, your body is prone to wear and tear. It requires regular maintenance to keep it intact. A group at Anywhere St., Any City launched a movement to encourage locals to improve their quality of life through a healthy lifestyle

It does not matter where you live you can choose to live a healthier life and have healthier habits to live longer and keep your

home healthier as well..


24/7 S FOR 24/7 SERVICE CALL OR TEXT: 661-403-9490 WEB: WWW.AAIRE-TRUST.COM SERVICE CALL OR TEXT: 661-403-9490 WEB: WWW.AAIRE-TRUST.COM 1. Drink More Water 2. Go on a Vacation 3. Love Yourself 4. Exercise Regularly

TIPS TO LIVE IN A HEALTHIER HOME Ultimate Spring-Summer Cleaning Checklist Spring/Summer is the perfect time for your home's annual deep clean. Not only is cleaning a great way to reset, but the yearly chore also gets rid of winter's accumulated dust and dander before allergy season reaches full swing. Cleaning your home from top to bottom may never be effortless, but you can make the project more manageable with these tips. Materials Needed Before starting your spring cleaning journey, you'll want to make sure you have all of the tools necessary to complete every task on your list. There are a handful of cleaning supplies you'll need, but your list will be largely dictated by your own personal cleaning methods. You should have the following: Bucket Clean microfiber cloths Sponges Reusable spray bottle All-purpose cleaner Duster White distilled vinegar Baking soda Dish soap Vacuum Mop hat to Clean in Every Room There are some general cleaning tasks you should complete in every room of your house, from your attic all the way to the basement. 1. Clean Baseboards Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean your baseboards. "Although they're often overlooked, clean baseboards give your home the perfect finishing touch," says Leanne Stapf, COO of The Cleaning Authority. Baseboards can be easily cleaned with a vacuum with a bristled brush hose attachment to remove any dust; then, wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner. 2. Dust No matter how much you try to prevent it, dust builds up in every room of the house. When dusting, work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor. This includes hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling fans and window casings. Don't forget to also dust your books and bookshelves. Take everything off the shelves and brush them (along with the books) with a feather duster. Use the dust brush or crevice tool on a vacuum to reach into tight spots. Wipe the spines of leather-bound books with a clean, soft cloth. 3. Vacuum Go over all of your floors with a vacuum to get up any crumbs and loose dirt. "It's common to track the bacteria and dirt from your shoes across the carpet," says Stapf. "Not only can a buildup of grime break down your carpet fibers, but it can also harbor pollutants that may make you sick." 4. Mop After vacuuming, go over your floors with a mop. "Floors are one of the most exposed areas in our homes, which is why mopping them frequently is crucial in keeping your home clean," says Diane Amos, cleaning expert for Pine Sol. 5. Shampoo Rugs Synthetic carpets and rugs with waterproof backings can be deepcleaned with a rotary shampoo machine and a hot-water extraction machine. Rugs without backings require professional cleaning. 6. Wipe Walls and Ceilings Over time, our walls and ceilings build up with unwanted marks. To clean your walls, start by using a vacuum to remove dust. Next, tackle stubborn surface grime, which is especially prevalent in kitchens, with a solvent-free degreaser (test it first in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won't mar the surface). 7. Reseal Grout Lines The cement-based material between wall, floor, and countertop tiles is extremely porous and stains easily. Protect it with a penetrating grout sealer—it's best to apply it with a small foam brush. 8. Clean Upholstered Furnishings Take cushions outside and gently beat them by hand to remove dust. If there are stains, check the care labels for cleaning recommendations. Use a vacuum's upholstery and crevice tools to clean under seat cushions. 9. Polish Metal Door and Window Hardware Return dull knobs, hinges, and other metal finishes to their former glory with a quick polish. Liquid polishes and polish-dampened cloths work well for medium-tarnished surfaces, while pastes and creams are best for heavier work. 10. Wax Surfaces Clean wooden surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild dishwashing liquid. Then apply wax a few feet at a time with a cotton rag folded into a square pad. Let the wax dry; buff with a clean cloth. Additionally, vinyl and linoleum floors that have lost their shine should be waxed with a polish designed for these surfaces. Most stone and tile floors can be treated with either a paste or a liquid wax designed for the material. How to Clean Blinds, Shades, and Curtains the Right Way

11. Clean Window Furnishings 13. Clean Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Light fixtures are a hub for dust. "Your ceiling fan is a great place to start—just make sure you turn off the light bulb and let it cool before wiping them down," says Amos. "When it comes to your lamps, be sure to unplug those as it gives them time to cool off before starting the cleaning process." 14. Implement Fire Safety Change batteries in smoke detectors (this should be done twice a year) and make sure units are free of dust. Teach everyone in your household how to use a fire extinguisher, and review escape plans. Dont Forget To: Dust refrigerator coils Defrost the freezer Clean out pantry Deep clean oven Deep clean inside refrigerator Clean cabinets Clean small appliances If you need to contact us. Were here to help! Aaire Trust Local 309-833-5101 Fax: 1-888-635-9191 Cell: 323-961-5370 Marlon Cell: 661-403-9490 Loretta Email: Business Email:

For 24/7 Service Call or Text: 661-403-9490 Web:

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