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Tactics imposters are using and how to help avoid them!

Updated: Jun 2

tactics imposters are using and how to help avoid them


"They said to ignore those warning messages."

Transaction messages exist to help protect your account — hang up if told to ignore.


"They needed remote access to 'fix' my computer."

Don't grant access to your computer or devices. You could reveal personal information and lose your money.


"I thought I scored really hard-to-get tickets."

Research sellers before buying anything. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


"The rental home we paid for never even existed!"

Research the owners. If a rental listing has different names or if you're told to wire money, it's likely a scam.


"They told me to lie to the bank."

If you're told to lie to your bank about why you need to wire money or make a withdrawal, it's probably a scam.

Take a minute before you react:

  • Don't disclose codes, passwords or account information. (We'll never call to ask for those.)

  • Take your time — don't let anyone rush you.

  • Always verify any request for money.

Aaire Trust wants you to be safe while there is many scammers and scams so be informed and be safe! Happy Summer.

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