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Aaire NFP a subsidiary of Aaire Trust
Adoption and Foster Care Agency
With a purpose to help children thrive!

What is Aaire Trust

We are foster parents and adoptive parents

with a mission to make a better quality of life for the children.

We purchase properties as rentals to upgrade and pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes.

When that child is ready to attend the local WIU university  usually age 21 they will

move in there own property which will then be paid off in full for them to live rent free while they attend to pursue their degree of choice.

They will always have a home and never have to be homeless.

They will have a good education so they can have a good career or their own business.

Through a TRUST each will inherit their own home and make generational wealth moving forward.

We want to make a BIG IMPACT and BIG DIFFERENCE with ensuring housing and education and future long term stability for children impacted by the foster care system.

We are Clearing barriers to stability and opportunity, we advocate for children impacted by

foster care, so that they can access the support and services they need to thrive.

Welcome to Macomb IL 61455


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